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As valuation industry leaders we are passionate about real estate. We offer a specialist valuation service to various individuals, financial institution and listed companies.A� CorporateA�Valuers is theA�valuation company of choice for many individuals and top companies because our customers are people, not property.


All properties valued are thoroughly inspected. A well researched, detailed, and comprehensively motivated report is then compiled.A� All the propertya��s unique attributes and characteristics are documented. As opinion leaders we are in tune with macroeconomic and property market trends and up to date with legislation and financial models. Our opinion of value is therefore based on factual market information.


Experience of the South African property market has contributed to our successes during the last few years. As property owners ourselves we know that a well motivated value form the cornerstone of property investment.


We believe in international best practices. All our valuation reports are professionally compiled and compliant with international standards as set by The International Valuation Standards Committee (IVSC). All valuation reports from Corporate Valuations are covered by a�?Professional Indemnity Insurancea�?. If you own a property and need to have it valued, please call our national line at 0861-922-733 orA�VOIP 087-943 6022



We do:

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  • Abattoir valuation /s;
  • Agricultural valuation /s;
  • Art gallery valuations
  • Brick Quarry valuation /s;
  • Business property valuation /s;
  • Cold Storage valuation /s;
  • Commercial Property valuation /s;
  • Conference centre valuation /s;
  • CrA?che and Nursery School valuation /s;
  • Data center valuation /s;
  • Development loan valuation /s;
  • Dwelling Home valuation /s;
  • Factory valuation /s;
  • Farm valuation /s;
  • Filling station valuation /s;
  • Fire & insurance replacement valuation /s;
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  • Fixed asset valuation /s;
  • Fixed improvement valuation /s;
  • Flat valuation /s;
  • Game farm valuation /s;
  • Golf resort and development valuation /s;
  • Guest house valuation /s;
  • Guest lodge valuation /s;
  • Gymnasium valuation /s;
  • Historic building valuation /s;
  • Holiday resort valuation /s;
  • Home loan valuation /s;
  • Hospital valuation /s;
  • Hotel valuation /s;
  • House valuation /s;
  • Income producing property valuation /s;
  • Industrial property valuation /s;
  • Insolvent estate valuation /s;
  • Insurance replacement valuation /s;
  • Investment valuation /s;
  • Land and improvement valuation /s;
  • Lending valuation /s;
  • Lodge valuation /s;
  • Market value determination valuation /s;
  • Mine valuation /s;
  • Motel valuation /s;
  • Motor vehicle dealerships valuation /s;
  • Municipal rates and tax valuation and dispute valuation /s;
  • Nature reserve valuation /s;
  • North West province valuation /s;
  • Office building valuation /s;
  • Office estate valuation /s;
  • Old Age home valuation /s;
  • Pack house valuation /s;
  • Petrol fuel filling station valuation /s;
  • Plantation and standing timber stock valuation /s;
  • Plot valuation /s;
  • Pre sales valuation /s;
  • Private School valuation /s;
  • Property Portfolio valuation /s;
  • Property valuation /s;
  • Public storage valuation /s;
  • Quarry valuation /s;
  • Real Estate valuation /s;
  • Religious Building valuation /s;
  • Residential valuation /s;
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  • Restaurant valuation /s;
  • Restitution valuation /s;
  • Retirement home valuation /s;
  • School valuation /s;
  • Sectional title valuation /s;
  • Sequestration valuation /s;
  • Silo valuation /s;
  • Smallholding valuation /s;
  • Sound Studio valuation /s;
  • Spa & lodge valuation /s;
  • Specialised property valuation /s;
  • Sport stadium and Arena valuation /s;
  • Supermarket and retail shop valuation /s;
  • Townhouse valuation /s;
  • Township establishment valuation /s;

  • Vacant land valuation /s;
  • Warehouse valuation /s;

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