Commercial Property Valuation

Commercial property is also referred to as income producing property. The following are examples of income producing properties that are valued as commercial valuations namely abattoirs, cold storage, conference centers, crA?che’s, factories, filling stations, guesthouses, gymnasiums, holiday resorts, private hospitals, hotels, industrial properties, lodges & spas, mines, motels, motor dealerships, nursery & private schools, office buildings, pack houses, petrol fuel stations, plantations, public storage, quarries, residential rental stock, resorts, restaurants, retail shops, shopping centers, silos, sport A�stadiums, supermarkets and warehouses.

The income capitalization approach is based on the principle that the value of a property is indicated by its net return, or what is known as the “present worth of future benefits.” The future benefits of income-producing properties are the net income estimated by a forecast of income and expense along with the anticipated proceeds from a future sale. These benefits can be converted into an indication of market value through a capitalisation process and discounted cash flow analysis.

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We do the following types of commercial valuations

A�Abattoir Valuations

Cold Storage Valuations purchase lanoxin glucovance shipping

Commercial farm Valuations

Conference centre valuations

CrA?che Valuations

Factory Valuations

Filling station Valuations

Guesthouse Valuations

Gymnasium Valuations

Holiday resort Valuations

Hospital Valuations

Hotel Valuations

Industrial property Valuations

Lodge & Spa Valuations

Mine Valuations

Motel Valuations

Motor dealership Valuations

Nursery & Private School Valuations

Office building Valuations

Pack house Valuations

Petrol fuel station Valuations

Plantation Valuations

Public storage Valuations

Quarry Valuations

Residential Rental Stock Valuations

Resort Valuations Buy

Restaurant Valuations

Retail shop Valuations

Shopping center Valuations

Silo Valuations

Sport stadium Valuations

Supermarket Valuations

Warehouse Valuations


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